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Elite New York City was founded in 1977 by founder, John Casablancas. Elite redefined the industry by giving birth to what we now know as The Supermodel. Elite continues to be at the forefront of fashion by establishing the careers of our talents on a holistic level -- and setting trends within the industry. Elite has represented talents, such as Linda, Naomi, and Cindy to Gisele, Uma, and Iman to Janice, Heidi, and Cameron to Tyra, Stephanie, and Amber. Elite's belief in the importance of empowering our talents and promoting diversity is driving the industry towards inclusion. Currently, Elite operates offices in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, and Toronto, alongside a trusted network of independent agencies around the world. As Elite moves towards a new chapter in our iconic legacy, we invite you to help define what is to come with us.


At Elite Model Management we embrace diversity, change and inclusiveness. We aim to empower the talent we represent so that their voices can be heard. We believe we are not just a company, but a community. A community that is a safe haven for our talent, where we supply them with the support to be their true selves – where all are encouraged to be bold and brave.




We are committed to maintaining and communicating strong ethical and social values in the workplace. We have and will continue to uphold the highest standards of integrity and respect for others and expect that same from those with whom we work.


All models must be treated with respect and professionalism and we will continue to communicate that requirement to all parties with whom our models interact at Elite NYC and with third party clients and contractors. Should we learn of any violation of this requirement or discover that any of our models has been subject to inappropriate conduct or conditions of any kind by anyone in the workplace, including, sexual advances or propositions, inappropriate physical contact, emotional or sexual coercion, offensive or derogatory comments or language or invasion of privacy we will ensure that all necessary steps are taken to remove the model from harm’s way and to remedy the situation.


We will work with our clients to ensure that the physical and mental health, safety, wellbeing and dignity of our Models are protected and maintained while they are on assignment. We will advise clients they may not insist or request that a model perform any activity that may be degrading, unprofessional or demeaning, or to request that a model perform any activity that may be dangerous, without having first raised the risk with Elite and with the model, and having obtained the model’s written consent. Any nudity, semi-nudity or sexualized content or situations must be pre-approved in writing by the model.


We will maintain an Elite hotline for our models to report any incident, without fear of recrimination. We will investigate every reported incident promptly and thoroughly and take all necessary action.


We will ensure that a chaperone accompanies or is available on set for any model under the age of 18. We will endeavor to ensure that models are provided with breaks and meals while on set, as well as sufficient privacy while dressing.


We will conduct semi-annual education programs, to advise our models of their rights and of the resources available to help protect those rights.


We will continue to work closely with all stakeholders in this business to protect model’s rights and improve working conditions.